About - Southwest SAN Diego

About the SAN Culture Committee

Welcome to the Local Culture Committee (LCC) Website for America's Finest Station - San Diego.

It is our hope that by centralizing our communications, storytelling, and photo sharing through this website we can serve as a hub for all Culture events in SAN thereby improving Culture accessibility to everyone.

Please continue to check back as we improve our website and share new stories each week!

Our Purpose

To inspire our Employees to OWN, strengthen, and promote our legendary Culture.

Our Vision

Champion a Culture through which everyone knows they matter.

Our Values

Live the Southwest Way

   • Warrior Spirit

   • Servant's Heart

   • Fun-LUVing Attitude

Work the Southwest Way

   • Safety and Reliability

   • Friendly Customer Service

   • Low Costs

Our Mission

We foster, nurture, and enrich our Company Culture through purposeful recognition, meaning appreciation, and FUN celebration.

If you are interested in joining the Digital Media Team or would like to contact the website Administrator, please contact Savannah.Kestral@wnco.com

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